Founded in 2012, Intuitive Cube design the quick-release snap-on (quick-buckle) phone mounts. Adhering to the brand appeal of “Innovative, Concise, Fast and Safe”, Intuitive Cube provides consumers with high-quality products and considerate service.

All 3 main phone mounts are made of 6061 aluminum alloy with the most modern aesthetics and the character of light and durability.

Simple shape and metal texture, they are the most beautiful aluminum alloy mobile phone mounts in the market. The brand is deeply loved by motorcycle riders, hand-made motorcycle players, and Vespa owners in the world. It is not only the most beautiful phone mount and also the leading brand of quick-lock phone mount.

X-Guard series phone mounts

3 mobile phone mounts and various adapters to meet the installation needs of different motorcycle types

Patented cross-type quick-release system, it only takes one second to mount and unmount mobile phone with one handed operation. Strong and secure locking strength on the mount, enjoy your ride Our products are not only protective but also in style with modern touch and intuitive to use.


1. Press


2. Turn


3. Lock
X-Guard Series Accessories Option

After installing X-Guard phone mount, please use it together with accessories such as mobile phone case, Splash Proof bag, Universal Holder or Infinity Adapters. All these accessories can be used to make daily use more convenient.

Phone case

Splash Proof Bag

Universal Holder

3-Axis Shock Absorber

Drop-Proof Holder

GoPro Adapter

Infinity Adapter+

Universal Adapter

X-Guard series, meet various applications in life, Intuitive Cube accompany your life to  create more infinite possibilities.

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